Big group? we’ve got the Scoop

The skit for this years Girls Camp has been so much fun! because of our Big group of girls we decided to do “It’s another day of Sun” from La La Land.  Check out  to see more- 

Check out our Video Our Ward Video– We had so much fun

One day the lyrics just came to me and it has evolved into something that we are all loving.  I divided it so that who ever wants to be center stage and sing can be and with the “free style” different girls can showcase their dance skills.  One of our leaders found some easy choreography  that    she simplified so everyone could participate.  Below is a picture of the choreography .  Because of our big group I decided to record using Garage Band the girls singing their individual parts and also 6 of them singing the chorus.  It has turned out so good, so far, we will see how it is up at camp.  My reasoning with this is that if they get nervous or are out of breath from dancing etc, everyone will still hear the words.  After learning the dance and practicing the girls suggested having ribbon on a stick and spinning it so we have incorporated that in while the free style is going on.  It will add color and give more girls an opportunity to be involved.  Another thing I just added the other day was some thought bubbles with key phrases from our song.  I am so excited to do this at camp! I know our big group of girls have found so much joy from this fun song.  You can purchase the words from the above link for a buck.  If you want to see the video that inspired our choreography check out

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