Book Of Mormon Challenge- Mosiah

Since the beginning of the year we have challenged our Young Women to read the Book of Mormon– our goal is to be finished by Young womens in Excellence which is in November.  Our girls are best motivated by incentives (who isn’t right?) so we found this awesome idea on Pintrest at 
My mix of Six we changed ours up a bit and it will be at the end of this post.
 So we are getting close to being 1/2 way through
and with Mosiah having so much going on, I really wanted to talk to the girls and find out how they are doing.  I also wanted to see who is actually reading and not just bluffing their way through.
The first thing I asked was “So what was your favorite part of Mosiah?”  This usually brings a wonderful conversation, or some silence.  
The second thing I asked was “Who did Abinadi talk to?”
This usually gives me an idea as to if they are understanding what they are reading.  Then I would ask “So did he convert anyone?”
This is one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon because it really does show how one person can make a difference.  The last question I would ask is “So King Mosiah is getting old and he knows he is going to die, what does he want to do?”  
We did the bonfire so the girls could be in front of a fire and remember the stories in the Book of Mormon where there was a lot of death by fire.
Some of my very favorite accounts in Mosiah are Ammon and King Lamoni, the account of King Lamonis father and his willing to give up his Kingdom to know his God.  Alma and Alma the younger are great examples of how the Atonement works in our lives. 
I Love the Book of Mormon, I love how the testimonies in it testify of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I love how you get to see how one person can make a difference and how the Atonement can and does change lives.  I love to read about how our Heavenly Father know all of his children how he listens and answers prayers, whether its the prayers of the people, parents or prophets he hears them all.  I know that this book is true, I know that we have this wonderful record so that we too may have the correct principles.  I know that we can and will get closer to Jesus Christ by reading and abiding by it’s principles.  It is my hope and prayer that our Young Women will feel the spirit and gain a testimony for themselves.
This is the bookmark we are using with our girls- like I said I found it at My Mix of Six.

click here to download it

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