Don’t Let ANYONE Dull your Sparkle

This year going off of our Main theme for the year (D&C 115:5) our Sub theme has been
Arise Shine & Sparkle


We used it for our New Beginnings and we have tried to add to it with our little gifts.
Our Birthday gift

I have really felt this years theme is a action theme, not just be a good example and “let your light so shine” but ARISE and SHINE FORTH that thy LIGHT MAY be a STANDARD FOR THE NATIONS” – we have to rise up and show by action and deed what it is that we believe.  I loved the “Sparkle” because we are all so different and can Shine in many different ways.  We are trying to keep in the girls minds to continue to Shine!  therefore we loved “Don’t let anyone Dull your Sparkle” saying, so put that saying with different candy bars, for Birthday gifts.

Enjoy this wonderful theme and continue to SHINE & SPARKLE
You may enjoy seeing what we did for New Beginnings:
New Beginnings- Arise, Shine & Sparkle





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