Fear Factor

A Courage to Try
Lesson 42

Several years ago our Bishopric asked us YW leaders to make sure all of our activities were planned with a purpose.  
During our each individual presidency meetings, our YW looked at what lessons were either before or after a activity.  Some times it can be difficult to come up with ideas that are fun and can drive a point across.  This idea totally came from one of your YW(2003)- when we were talking about the up coming lesson- A Courage to try.

Before I tell you how we did this, I want to share with you how we opened up this activity.
I shared with them an experience I had while I had served as Relief Society President- we had a sister in our ward who was in her 50’s (lived with her mother) who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I shared with them how our Bishop had asked me to go to the hospital and visit with her (they had just moved in & we had not met her yet).  I explained to the girls that I was very afraid, nervous, anxious to go and do this- I shared with them how I had to get out of my comfort zone, have courage to do what I needed to do, which was to go visit this sister.  I shared with them what a wonderful experience this ended up being for me – one that I will cherish forever.

We talked about different things in their lives that could come up that might be a good thing but still very uncomfortable- we talked about how this takes courage.

So our ward did this activity with 
No bugs
No worms
Just Food

And they could try or not try it

We had food like:



Korean Cabbage

Exotic Cheese

Pickled Pigs Feet


African Cucumber

Star Fruit


Chicken Heart

Not totally terrible things
just different things, they might not see every day- I was surprised at how many girls had never tried a beet!

At the end- just strictly for fun- for who ever wanted to 

we tossed a few things into a blender- just to see who would chug it

Let me tell you it was so very funny.

There is so many different ways to do this for all different age groups- 
I found the picture below just by searching images

You can check out how she did it with the link belowActivity day Fear Factor

Another really cool way to do it is linked below

Be strong and Courageous

A few months ago, I asked some of my friends/YW what where some of their favorite activities- below is a few of the responses 🙂

  • Miriem
  • Fear Factor for a Mutual activity. I remember we did it years ago and it was REALLY fun. Everyone had to participate in really gross or scary things and then one team won. We talked about overcoming your fears.
    • I remember when we did fear factor and I almost threw up eating chicken gizzards! That was awesome.
  • June 13


    • Hahahaha JESSICA!!! Yes i remember the hairy pigs feet and cow heart etc. then at the end if you wanted to win you had to blend it all up in a blender and drink. I chugged it all. Then threw up with suzie in the trash hahaha I wonder how many YW had the experience we did eh lol? smile

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