Girls Camp 1- “Announcements, Announcements,Announcements”


I can usually tell when it is getting close to Girls Camp because every time I hear “Announcements” I want to sing “Announcements,Announcements,Announcements, what a horrible way to die, what a horrible way to die, what a horrible way to be board to death, what a horrible way to die.  Please keep it short and sweet, short and sweet, short and sweet, please keep it short and sweet they are borrrrrrrrring !”

I did not have the opportunity to go to Girls Camp in my youth but the Lord has sure made it up to me by sending me as an adult 🙂 About 12 years now, with a year or 2 break.

I Love Girls Camp– and could never do it justice in 1 post so look for additional posts that might help you.  I will post some of our most favorite skits, nighty night treats, songs, traditions, games, food etc. 
Please, Please-I know you all have ideas, please share them with me so we can all share.


One of the favorite traditions, is pedicures up at camp- I know its Girls Camp– but this is really a fun way to sit one on one with each girl and just chat about anything- it is really fun when the girls start giving the pedicures to each other.  We literally have had people just stop by our camp because they heard we were giving pedicures 🙂


This last year we did pedicures a little different
Doing hair at Girls Camp is always fun, the girls will do corn rows, braid, color w/koolaid without the sugar- we don’t want to attract bugs 🙂
our girls have put red solo cups on their head and styled hair around that.  See below 
Girls Camp is a great time for the girls to have fun, build lasting friendships, to be out enjoying nature and to feel the spirit.  I have a very special love for Girls Camp and the program- like I said I have been going for about 12 years now So I have lots of ideas- so please keep checking back as I will continue to post more Girls Camp stuff

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