Girls Camp 10- ER Themed

This year our girls camp is based around a medical theme, So we have chosen to be the “P.A.C.E Makers” standing for Prepare and Commit Eternally.  We loved this because we are going to base everything around the Heart & our color is red.  
Truly coming unto Jesus Christ requires a mighty  change of Heart “a mighty change in us, or in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually” mosiah 5:2 a fundamental  change of what we feel and desire, what we think and do, and what we are.  

So with that we will break down our days and focus our morning sides, firesides and devotionals around:

Prepare Preparing ourselves to be mothers, preparing ourselves to enter the temple, preparing ourselves for the hard days ahead. 
CommitCommitting now to be on the Lords side, Standing as a witness at all times and in all things and in all places even if that means standing alone, Committing to be virtuous, Committing to Standing Strong and true, Commitment to Integrity and honoring gospel covenants.

The Stake asked us to plan a service project- so with our theme being on hearts and committing to Jesus Christ I thought it would be fun and benefit our young women to participate in 30 days of Service.  So if we had 15 Girls participating that would be 450 acts of Kindness or service.  Wow that is a lot of service and when you are serving you are concentrating on others and not yourself thus helping you develop that pure love of Christ.  Below is what we gave the girls.

The link below gives details 
Scatter Sunshine

Decorations will be so cute & easy:

found here

Heart attacking other camps would be on the agenda as well.

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I want to make sure we include a “Love Letters” (I would love to come up with a different name for the table) table with cards, stamps and envelopes so the girls can write (when they want to) letters to our Missionaries in the field (I saw this up at camp last year and really loved it) with pictures of the Elders and a map so the girls can see where they are serving.  Some of our girls have brothers who are serving and I just think it would bring a wonderful spirit up at camp. 

Camp Flag- on top it will read “Beating to the Rhythm of Jesus Christ” it will be full of hearts that the girls cut out of various red material and their name on it.  

Our Song for girls camp is by Jenny Philips 
Her Web site I love her music and really felt like the words went with our theme.
“Live It”
I have prepared for this day, no one can take my place, he is counting on me to arise and shine, a standard to the world, a disciple of Christ, I am not afraid, I am not ashamed , I will live it, I will show that I believe, by what I say and what I think I will prove he can trust me, I will live it, I will follow fearlessly, by what I wear and what I do I will stand by what I know is true, I will live it.
Its more than just a belief, Its more than just something I read, the gospel of Christ is a part of my life, I am acting on the things that the savior has taught me, I want his light in every part of my life, I will live it, I will show that I believe,  by what I say and what I think I will prove he can trust me, I will live it, I will follow fearlessly by what I wear and what I will stand by what I know is true I will live it. 
This is my day, I will stand by him with every breath I take, I will live it

I am really excited about this theme, I truly feel that the spirit will be there and touch the hearts of everyone who attends.  I am so grateful for this wonderful gospel and all of the programs that gives us opportunities to feel the spirit and come closer to Jesus Christ.

Happy Camping

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