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Dang Skit


One of the best and worst things about Girls Camp is the dang skit. Good vs Bad skit was written based off of some of the things our young women were dealing with.  For some reason we stress out about the dang skit almost as much as the food.  I have had years where the girls wrote the skit and it turned out great, but I have also have had them be not so great (like all sword fighting).  So depending upon your girls, go for it, I am a big believer of utilizing your young women especially up at camp.

The thing I love is going through skits  sometimes it will trigger my brain and or just change it up a bit to work for our ward.

This one can be modified in so many ways, switching it up to gear it towards some of the things your young women are facing at school, home or friends.

The Music can be switched up to more current songs or just something different.

This skit went really well with our girls.  We had a lot of girls so it worked because we had groups (of 5 or more) be the “bad” and groups be the “good” (using 5 or more) as well.

We used a cot as the bed, had an old phone, and made something that resembled a window.

It was pretty easy to download the music too.

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