IHOP- Important Hour of Progress

This is a post I posted when I very first started blogging- I was watermarking the photos and when I hit update it posted it today- Nice- I am still trying to figure all of this blogging stuff out- either way it was a great activity- enjoy

Important Hour Of Progress– I love this idea, I found it on IHOP– one of my very favorite blogs (have I told you that yet?)  Every 5th Wednesday we plan an activity around Personal Progress- we have to be very careful how we advertise it because some of our girls wont come if they know its about PP 🙂 & some of our girls already have their medallion so they just won’t come UNLESS its very fun

So like I said I love Sisters in Zion blog there are so many great ideas.  So we went with it
We had all the girls bring their Personal Progress books (as their ticket to get pancakes), we also had an activity for the girls to make flash cards that will help them memorize The Living Christ.  We found it here- this would be the perfect time to do one of the easy, only takes one evening value – so you can pass it off that night.
The Living Christ Flash Cards

We kept the night relaxed, fun and uplifting- It was such a hit- Just look at their beautiful faces


















It was such a wonderful atmosphere to sit, chat and look through their books, I am very positive we will be doing this again.
Some great Personal Progress articles

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