Kindness begins with me

Ahhhhh I so Love this video (its at the end of the post), I have been feeling this all week long, month long really.  I started a “30 days of service” on June 1st and I have loved every second of it.  It has been alot of work and planning but I have felt the spirit more in my life everyday.  I have felt promptings to do or go certain places, places I did not necessarily plan or want to go, but I did and it has been an incredible journey.  It is amazing how showing a little kindness everyday can change you! change the way you see things around you, can change your heart.

I wanted to randomly drop this off but there was nothing random about it I really had to plan it out AND I wanted who ever got it to know it was a gift

Some of my random acts of kindness were not planned, sometimes people called me and needed help, sometimes it was just picking up trash in an empty lot.  

This service was started by our Young Women group in December of 2011- I had never bound any quilt before and I was determined to do it.  I figured during my 30 days of service would be the perfect time.  I did it and it looked fabulous- I was so pleased with myself 🙂 oh my the way this quilt was made for our RS humanitarian project. 

One of my very favorite thing to do was to write thank you notes to people who I have appreciated.  They probably did not know I did until they got my note 🙂  I kept a stack of cards by my bed so I can write if I felt prompted.

“We are the Lords hands here upon the earth, with a mandate to serve & lift his children.  He is dependent upon each of us”
President Monson

I have really felt that phrase- Kindness begins with me, while on this wonderful journey.

My 30 days of service started as a project for Girls Camp check out my links below

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Helping Hands
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Service- Scavenger hunt style

Found this video online today and just had to post it!
Enjoy your day today and lets spread Kindness- I love these two artists and love that they are working together.

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