Not yo Mamma’s etiquette dinner

You planning, yet another, etiquette dinner? We were in the same boat a couple months ago. The Mia Maids came up with the best Idea for this etiquette dinner,  suggesting the leaders act out “how to behave”, and give some advice on restaurant dinner etiquette etc.  We leaders (yw,ym & bishopric) where given a list of “words” or “sayings” they (the youth in our area) use daily. We decided to do skits for 6 different scenarios  showing what not to do- have a referee (Bishop) call a “foul” “out of bounds” what ever sports talk when something is wrong. Then a skit to show how it is “suppose” to be done. These were the scenarios 1) The ask 2) The pickup 3) The dinner 4) The activity 5) The car 6) The follow up   


Below are just some of the skits, but a lot was ad lib!

1) The Ask- this part was scripted for the etiquette dinner.

2)  The Pick up- most of this was ad-lib

3) The dinner – was scripted

4) The Activity- acted out as if they were miniature golfing with the  “what not to do”  the boys being very impolite, not giving the girls turns, being competitive and in the girls faces.  Then the opposite for the better behavior. 

5) The Car- this was acted out with the “What not to do” as a couple by themselves, parked and the guy basically telling the girl “there is your house”.  Then the “What to do” being a double date, the guys getting out of the car and opening the door and walking them to the door.

6) The Follow up- The first one is “What not to do” 

Some other things we did during our etiquette dinner night:

While the kids were eating, they were told to be on their best behavior and as the leaders walked around they would give the youth (portraying good manners) a yarn necklace.  They could also loose this necklace depending upon what they were doing.  At the end of the night we gave away a Gift Card to the YM & YW who had the most.  

 The table was covered Butcher Paper & had pencils and little slips of paper for the youth to wright down any questions they wanted to ask (anonymously) and we would answer it for them. 

It was a very fun night, lots of laughter and all around great activity.

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