Persoanl Progress? what? I am too old

Why I chose to do Personal Progress

A little over two years ago I was called to be part of the Young Women program in our ward, I have served many times in this program over the past 25 years and have started the personal progress program many times.  This time was different!  I felt so strong that this WAS the time for me to actively be working on My Personal Progress, which I never completed as a young women myself.  This time was different, as I worked on my personal progress I was able to recognize the things our young women were doing and remind them that they could pass off “Knowledge #…..”  This time I was excited about working on my values and I learned what was in the book.  Knowing what was in the book helped me know our girls, helped me get close to them because I knew what they were doing.  This time I could do it online, Ha, I am always on the computer anyway, and although I prefer my scriptures I loved that I could just click on the scripture and there it was.  I loved putting my thoughts in my journal online and separate from my other journal. I loved that it did indeed bring me closer to Heavenly Father and also strengthen my testimony of the divine daughter that I am. I loved it because my testimony of the Personal Progress program grew and I could see why it is an important program in this most wonderful church.  This time it Was different because I completed it, I earned my medallion and I am so proud of myself.

Why I think YOU should do Personal Progress- 

Basically for the same reasons that I did 🙂 Even if you earned it as a young women, do it again, it has changed- Your perspective has changed, I do not think I would have had the same experience 

I am so grateful we (as leaders & mothers) have the opportunity to work on Personal Progress, I am so grateful I did it and It was not hard at all.  I will promise you that you will learn more about yourself, more about the young women you serve, more about the love the Savior has for you and it will strengthen you beyond anything.

If you want to work on it, below are the requirements

Personal Progress Requirements for Leaders

Leaders are encouraged to work on Personal Progress along with the young women. Those who participate in the Personal Progress program themselves understand the program better and set a favorable example for the young women to follow. They may earn the Young Womanhood Recognition after they:
  • • 
    Serve for a total of one year as a Young Women leader.
  • • 
    Complete the required value experiences in each of the eight values.
  • • 
    Complete three value projects, including the project for virtue.
    Oh My our girls really thought this was funny!
    I would love to hear of your experiences with Personal Progress– What works with your ward?

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