Personal Progress -I’ll huff & I’ll Puff

Personal Progress- Love it? or Hate it?

I personally love Personal Progress & I am doing it as well, but I hate pushing the girls!
I have found by doing the program with the girls, that I am aware of the Value experiences- so it makes it easy to say “hey Jade, didn’t you participate in the skit at Young Women s in Excellence? has it been passed off?”
During our Young Women s in Excellence all of our girls participated in a little skit and performed it for their parents- therefor giving them an opportunity to Pass something off that night and show them that is really an easy program.

Individual Worth
 5 Participate in a dance, speech, music, or drama performance at school, in your community, or at church. How did your participation in this activity strengthen your feelings of individual worth and self-confidence? Record your thoughts in your journal.

Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God (D&C 18:10).

It was also a fun way for girls to interact with each other and just be goofy

Online Personal Progress The online Personal Progress makes doing Personal Progress so easy- the girls have to sign up for a LDS account and that will allow them to utilize this awesome tool.

The skit was based off of the 3 little pigs- who had to build houses- the last house was built using the Values and could not be blown down.  You can find a similar skit in my “Girls Camp 4 skits skits skits”.

The girls had never practiced this skit before- they were randomly handed parts and Props to help them.

It was also very good for new upcoming Beehives to get a chance to interact and have fun with our Young Women.

I have a huge testimony of the Personal Progress Program, I know that our Heavenly Father want us to see what he sees in us.  Through this program we get to pass off values that he knows will benefit us as Women, Daughters, Mothers and future leaders in the church.  I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, because he shows me- I want to show my love to him by doing those things that will bring me closer to him and that can help anyone of his children.

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