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For the past few months I have really been wanting to do service for 30 days, so I went in search to see how others have done it, I got this idea from;
We Talk of Christ We rejoice in Christ

So we have thrown this out there to our Young Women- hoping for everyone to do 30 acts each (1 each day for each of us) of service before we go to girls camp.  I have encouraged our girls to record their service on a calendar, journal or notebook.

We have been having fun (or at least I have ๐Ÿ™‚  )

“We are the Lords hands here upon the earth, with a mandate to serve and lift his children.  He is dependent upon each of us” – President Monson

One thing I loved about this project is that I have noticed a difference in myself- going out of your way to do service is not as easy as it seems.  There are tons of things that I consider “service” but I really wanted to make sure “my” service was not what I normally do.

I found this great site where Brad Jameson is doing 30 days of service for 30 different charity’s wow was I impressed and inspired.  Check out his experience- I did not know him prior nor do I know him now I just stumbled upon his blog.

Thirty days of Service

Joycelyn @ we talk of Christ We rejoice in Christ  put together a service chain you can upload  from her site, she also did a service boot-camp that looked awesome.  I have also put together a list that can be downloaded below
a List of Service Ideas- Download

This is my list of things I have done so far:
Day1- dropped a plant and Thank you note to our old Relief Society president.
Day2-I mowed the lawn so my husband would not have to ๐Ÿ™‚
Day 3– I baked cookies and took them over to my neighbor who lives alone and visited with him
Day4-I gave my son some money- and called an old friend for her birthday
Day 5– I wrote out 5 thank you cards today for some people I should have thanked a long time ago
Day 6– I wrote more thank you cards (I was a slacker this day)
Day 7– I put together all the little shampoo and soaps that we have from John travelling I dropped them off at Dixie care and Share.
Day 8– the DI is hurting for jackets this coming year- so I went through all of our jackets and took some to them.
Day 9– Made another trip to donate things to DI & made my son 2 cakes (because i overcooked the first)
Day 10– I lined up prayers, put together a bio on a speaker we had coming for our stake fireside (I was not asked to do this till 10pm sat night because the person suppose to do it did not)
Day 11-I finished up our quilt that we tied back in December- I bound the edges
Day 12– I wrote thank you notes for my neighbors
Day 13– took Cameron a dog kennel and kids riding gear
Day 14– Took a little goodie bag to one of my girls and visited with her
Day 15– I visited with 2 of my yw for 3 hours- I had an opportunity to bear my testimony to them
Day 16– I went to the temple and did a session
Day 17– I wrote letters to 3 of my girls
Day 18– I got a bottle of Tide, taped $2 in quarters to it, put a bow and a note that basically said pass the kindness on and dropped it off at the laundry mat- I actually saw someone in there and asked if she needed it and gave it to her.
Day 19– I gave a ride to someone who needed to pick up their car – and dropped cupcakes off at my friends home.
Day 20– I tied a bow on one of my hardback books and gave it to a friend
Day 21-Today service was different- some of my girls came by to make cookies, I ended up cooking them dinner- and we sent cookies home for their moms.
Day 22– I took cookies over to someone I have served with- we had an awesome visit
Day 23– Today I felt impressed to tell a lady at the storage unit place that I loved seeing her scriptures at work-we had a wonderful chat
Day 24– Today I sent a Thank you note to a lady I use to work with a couple years ago, her husband serves in the military and he is away alot- he just got home on the 23rd- I know its been hard on her
Day 25– When going through our stuff my husband was going to throw some ties away- we put them aside for Taylor who is serving in Guatamala
Day 26– I took an old (only like 4 years) prom dress over to one of my girls, also gave a juice to a friend
Day 27-Took some food over to my neighbor
Day 28- I paid someone a compliment today- felt like I needed to let a lady in Trader Joes that she looks nice.
Day 29– I saw a little boy fall in a parking lot today- I stopped asked if he was ok and made sure he was ok.
Day 30– today we gave a working washer machine and dryer to a family who needed one

I think I might keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

I have had some great experiences but one that stands out is that I wanted to drop off the shampoo and stuff to a women shelter, but they needed full bottles not the little ones, so I went to Dixie Care and Share and I don’t know why but when I saw all the people coming and going I got nervous and just decided to take it somewhere else.  As I was driving down the road something told me to go back there that they needed the shampoo and stuff.  So I turned around and walked my butt right in- so grateful for the spirit that can guide us if we listen.
I also realized how important it is to always be aware of people and situations around you so that you can be a tool in the Lords hands.

I would love to here some of the things you have been doing- We all every day do some sort of kindness towards someone else- Please share what you have done. 

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Have I done any good in the world today?

    • I baked cookies yesterday and took some to my neighbor- sat and visited with him for a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ what have you been doing?

      June 4 at 4:48pm ยท Like
      Mica Mangum Muahaha I dyed my friends hair for her today. That sure as heck better count haha

      June 4 at 6:34pm ยท  ยท 1
    • Charisse Harris So guess what I am doing for service today? I am going to finally sew the edges of the quilt we tied in Dec ha ha
      What are you going to do?

      June 11 at 11:07am via mobile ยท Like

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