Shopping for a Husband- a Laurel activity

History of the Wedding Ring
Most couples cherish the instant when they slip a ring on their beloved. The implication and symbolization behind wedding rings is rich and as complicated as its own love story. It should be told so that couples understand exactly why they exchange wedding rings.
This wedding ring is an emblem and throughout time has symbolized love, devotion and even an agreement between families. The physical structure of the wedding ring has changed as different civilizations have changed it to look more and more beautiful. Some materials are more dear like precious metals and are considered to be of greater value – hence might mean more. However the meaning behind the symbol has stayed the same throughout time and over continents. “I love you” “I wish to be with you forever” and “You are mine.”
A ring in its simplest form is a circle, which means ‘forever.’ What more could couples need than the unclouded wish to spend all time together? 
Symbols exist throughout our culture. Even the materials the wedding ring is created out of appear to be symbols of love and devotion. A great deal of couples select diamonds on their wedding rings; diamonds are literally indestructibleand are the “forever” stone you want to select to epitomize your love. Rubies are another choice representing love, keenness and grandeur. While the wedding ring itself is seen as invaluable, the metaphor of the wedding ring symbolizes that your betrothed is precious to you.
The wedding ring was adorned in past times like it is presently, on the left hand, third finger. The reason being because of the strong-held belief that the vein in this finger moves at once from the heart. This notion was endorsed as ladies commenced wearing their wedding rings closer to their hand and then theirengagement ring on that same hand – affirming this notion of it being so close to your heart.
Wedding rings have been worn in many cultures. While the traditions may be slightly different, the sentiment and meaning to love, treasure and honor one another forever, remains much the same.
We told the girls we were going to the mall 🙂 (this is one way to boost your activity) once we got to the mall we told them we were going to look at wedding rings at Claire’s (our mall is small).  We tried them on looked to see which were their favorites.

We asked them “why do you like that one”, asked if they have thought a lot about the type of Wedding Ring they would want.

After we had been in Clare’s for a while we came out of the store and asked if anyone has ever gotten a ring from Clare’s before- I asked them how long they have had the ring and if it has changed from the first time they got it.  The girls all piped up with answers like; “it turned my finger green” “it loses its shine” “it broke”.  I took the opportunity to show them my Wedding Ring the ring I have had for 24 years- did it look shiny still? had it turned my finger green? what was the difference between my ring and the ring at Clare’s?
We talked about the quality of the metal, the diamonds vs the cubic- that the rings at Clare’s were not meant to last forever- they were meant to look like the real thing.  Getting a Wedding Ring at Clare’s would be settling for less.
We then went into Kay Jewelers, and two other stores selling real Wedding Rings, we looked at the difference, how they were displayed behind a locked counter not just on a spiny thing for all to touch, the difference in the stones and quality.


We talked about how important it is to put just as much value on finding the right husband as we would our Wedding Ring.  Just like the Rings in Kay we want a husband of the same quality as we are, with the same standards and goals- even if that means we have to wait for a bit,  we want a husband that will last Forever – but most importantly we want a marriage that will last for eternity.

I found the cutest napkin holder at Ti Pan- for the hand out

“Don’t give up what you want Most…
for what you want now!
Shop for a Husband as you
would a Wedding Ring
The one’s who hold their Value are worth keeping for Eternity”


  1. Lacey

    October 16, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Thank you for this great activity….I am going to do this with my laurels tomorrow!

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