Silent Christmas Lesson


Every year I am searching the internet, my files now pintrest for a thought provoking spiritual special Christmas lesson.  Quite a few years ago we found (and tweaked for ourselves)a wonderful “Silent Christmas lesson” one that is full of music, scriptures & Video that brings the spirit so very strong.  So I want to share it with you- 

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I also have attachments that someone else shared with me and i will send those as well 🙂 

This is easy to change up with new messages from our current prophet and anything the spirit prompts.

First page is self explanatory
Second page I had changed up a bit from the original- when they finish reading it says to “put this lesson on your lap and” you can have them sing, or listen to the song 
Third Page “Baby, what you going to be?” I used the Donny Osmond version
Fourth Page “Watch as we go back in time…” I played the Luke II video with Amy Grants song “Breath of Heaven” The video and music are just about the same time so it just works perfectly- I am almost positive that it is stocked in the ward library called “New Testament Video Presentations”
Here is a link to Deseret Book or some people have used this youtube  
Breath of Heaven w/video
Fifth Page song “I have not seen, Yet I believe” is a song written by Sally Deford you can check out her music Here
Sixth Page self explanatory- I Turned on “Silent Night” and had it playing softly for them to turn to page 7.
Seventh Page I added YW leaders because I have done this twice with different young women- they loved it.  I have done this as a Sunday school teacher and also in Family Home evening.

I love this lesson and I love how it can be changed and tweaked for who ever you are giving it to.  I love my Savior and I love the opportunity to honor, worship and reflect on his goodness.

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