Silent Easter Lesson

Welcome to our Silent Easter Lesson

This silent Easter lesson is based off of our Silent Christmas lesson.  I have always wanted to do one for Easter but they take so much time and research, but I have finally put one together.  the purpose in presenting the lesson silently is to help feel the spirit in different ways. You will be reading, writing, listening and watching, which is perfect for a Sunday school class, family home evening lesson or youth group.  The great thing about the silent Easter lesson is that you can change or modify any of the material to best suit the needs of who you are giving it to.  I used the videos from the Bible videos from page, and can be switched out, I chose To this end was I born  and My Kingdom is not of this world “.  The quotes I gathered from numerous talks from President Hinckley, President Monson and Elder Holland.  I gave this lesson today and was a bit nervous since I had never done it before, and I was told it was great and they had never heard the girls so quiet.  I did change the last song to He is Risen (music video) Mormon Tab.  It is quite simple and is sure to bring the spirit and testify of our Savior.  

 This lesson is self explanatory with scriptures to look up, thought provoking questions, names of videos and music to listen.  It is a 25-30 min lesson. 



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