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Connecting Youth

How do you Connect with your Youth?
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“Religious commitment of teens today springs from relationships” according to a recent BYU study

They found that the teens from the study feel connected to their religious communities in a variety of ways and those connections make all the difference.  “Relationships matter to youth” said the author of the study.  “Relationships are critical to how youth are experiencing their religion.”

For example, one 16 year old Presbyterian teen in the study noted that the reason his faith is more “than just a crutch ” is the friendships he feels at church – both with other youth and with youth leaders.  “Religion has sort of taken on a new role in my life from being something just to turn to in a time of need to something that i really care about and I participate in just for the joy of connecting to the people i’m worshiping with.”

It is so true- don’t we all love church and activities a little more when there is someone there we connect with?

President Ezra Taft Benson said it is the responsibility of bishoprics and youth leaders to create opportunities for spiritual experiences and friendship.  Then he stressed that building connections with the youth- that “saving souls” – will take much more than fun and activities.  “It will take work, sacrifice, carefully planned spiritual experiences, character-building experiences, and work experiences.  In addition, it takes leadership examples by [leaders] committed to teach, train, and inspire [youth] to reach beyond where they are so they may realize greater achievement” (The teachings of Ezra Taft Benson p 220)
(These excerpts were taken from a church news article titled “Connecting Youth” Nov 12, 2011) 

Some Fun ways to Connect with the Youth

I might be behind the times a bit- but our youth are not.  They are up to date and on to the newest latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets in the technology world.  They love Facebook, twitter and their most Fav is texting.

I was chatting with my sister and she mentioned that her ward has a “young Women’s Facebook” group- I was like WHAT? Why did I not think of that I am a queen when it comes to facebook.  So I went in search to figure it out.

We did it, we created it- and I believe it has worked- Come on- the girls are always on facebook.  So we can send invites to only the Laurels- or any other classes for presidency meetings etc- create events like “Young Women in Excellence”.

Our Stake did one for our Missionary Prep class

It has been a great way to get information out to the youth.

I just recently saw that a Stake in Palmyra made a pintrest account

Another great way to reach out to your stake-

Developing relationships with those we serve is so very important, for it is through our love that they can get a greater glimpse of our Heavenly Father and the love

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