What can I do to strengthen my family?

“What can I do to Strengthen my Family?” has been a question our Young Women have been asking throughout the year, so I was so excited when this lesson came up.  In Presidents Uchtdorf’s talk In Praise of those who save he says “We may share the same gene pool but we are not the same we have unique spirits” we are all so unique and have different qualities and talents that can help strengthen our families.  I love how the lesson suggests to ask the girls “how can you use your unique strength to strengthen your family?”  

Our Beehive class wrote on  Jenga Blocks some qualities that can help strengthen families, then they built a tower.  Then one by one each Young women pulled a block out, while discussing what can happen in their home when those things are removed.  It is interesting to see that even the simple things can help strengthen our family. I really loved the video  Through simple things and the question it asked “What are you willing to do to feel the spirit in your home,  I felt like it strengthened our point how each person can make a difference and how each person contributes differently.

I really loved this lesson and all the input from the girls,  they really opened up and enjoyed sharing ideas of how they strengthened their families.  My favorite quote is:

“What ever problem your family is facing, whatever you must do to solve them, the beginning and the end of the solution is charity, the pure love of Christ.  Without this love, even seemingly perfect families struggle.  With it even families with great challenges succeed- Charity never Faileth” – President Uchdorf 



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