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Sacred Responsibilities 

The thing I love the most is being a “Mom”, I love that I get to create food that puts smiles on faces, I love to be home so they can have someone to talk to or rub their back, I love sewing buttons on that have fallen off, I love decorating for Halloween and other holidays, I love creating a home where they will feel the spirit and have a place to escape the world.  

The most precious  gift I have is my family and I love being their “Mom”
In The Family: A Proclamation to the World it says:
“Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children” 

I love how it also states that there might be circumstances where you might need to adapt.
The Lord knew not every life situation was going to be perfect.

This is a Young Women Blog isn’t it? what does this have to do with the Young Women?

At a Stake leadership meeting one of the counselors said:
“Show your young women how much joy and happiness you find in being a women, a mother a homemaker” 

is what I thought! that is so true!
The world has us believe that real joy is found outside the home, at work, in the corporate world
But I find most of my joy when I watch my son take a bite of his favorite meal, when my sons friends come looking for the cupcakes he knew I baked the night before.  When my daughter has just received heartbreaking news and comes to see me just to get a hug- That is where I have found true joy.

So how do we pass this on to our daughters or the Young Women we serve?

Personal Progress is a GREAT way
Color coding the Proclamation 
great activity for FHE too
& you can pass off

Faith #2
Divine Nature #1 & 2
Integrity #7
Virtue #1

Show them how much we love what we do, and teach them basic simple skills & more 😉

A tradition we had in our Lehi Ward was that every year the girls made their own PJ pants

Sometimes it’s just easier for me to do things- like Iron

But if we don’t teach them they will not know how.

I found this on Pintrest and can’t wait to try it – you can find it 
I love my role as a mother, I would not trade it for anything in the world.  
President Hinckley, in his book Stand for Something said “Mothers provide inspiration and balance; they constitute a reservoir of faith and good works.  They are the anchor of devotion and loyalty and accomplishment.  As the keepers of the home, they give encouragement to their husbands and they teach and nurture their children”.
I hope I have been able to do this in my home and I hope to be able to continue to teach my daughter and all of my girls (the young women I serve) how much I love being a woman and a mother.

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  1. Chocolate on my Cranium

    September 27, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    And, oh, how they need women who love being mothers and wives to be examples for them to counter the messages the world tries to sell to them!

  2. Charisse

    September 28, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    It is so true! Thanks 🙂

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