YWIE- Ideas

It’s that time of year again
We (our ward) has not yet come up with a theme
I have found some awesome ideas
(disclaimer-pictures are from original bloggers- please don’t pin from this post)
Depend on the Savior
You can see their ideas
Color me Beautiful
You can see what they did
More Precious than rubies
This was an idea that went along with Dorthy/Yellow Brick road idea found 
I think this would be great  theme in and of its self & to go with virtue
Seek the Sweet
So far my favorite idea so far:) You can see what they did 
So dang cute!
Arise, Shine & Sparkle


You can see what was done
This was done for new beginnings & could easily be used for YWIE 
The Worth of a Soul
Really cute idea found
We did this years ago with 
Stand for Christ as our theme
Sew Sweet
Super cute idea found
Once upon a time
I love this- there is no picture but please please check out the blog- Here it truly is inspirational
Be your own kind of Beautiful
the youngwomenspot.blogspot
This YWIE was centered around sunflowers you can see what they did
Soak up the Sun
You are my Sunshine
Here comes the Sun
Walking on Sunshine
As Bright as your Faith
It’s Your Time to Shine
I think these might be cute ideas- with the emphasis being on the Son Jesus Christ
Cute decorating ideas 
Baby you’re a Firework
Super cute idea- I think the girls could have fun with this one, check it out 

We did Baby look at you now
and used baby pictures- fun

Arise and Shine
check out what they did Here
this was also done as a new beginnings program- So cute with the lamps
Check out their flash mob
I am just one Light
Light on a Hill
Lighthouses in the Night
Check out the program from Here– ideas from decorating to menu
Black & White
Marci Coombs
I have not seen this one done- but I have heard great things- because of the simplicity it can be adapted to fit any of the yearly themes I have 2 places to check out Here & Here
Here are some downloads to help your girls and parents know what to expect for YWIE
The “helps” should be updated and geared towards your ward- just some ideas to get you started.
If you have themes you would like to share on here and link to your blog- let me know!!! I would love that
Have Fun
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